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Racks, Baskets, and Fixtures for Parts Finishing

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PKG Equipment Inc. manufactures custom racks, baskets and fixtures of any size or shape for both automatic and manual finishing systems. Typical applications include anodizing, plating, painting, cleaning, etching, powder coating, and racks for printed circuit boards. If you're interested in a new rack, basket or fixture, we can design a protoype. In order to design a prototype, we'd need a sample part and an idea of your desired finishing production rate. Our knowledge of parts finishing enables us to offer rack designs that optimize production, coating thickness, and durability. We can also repair or modify your existing racks, baskets or fixtures. We have a burnoff oven for removing old paint or plating solution accumulation from your existing racks and in-house plastisol coating capabilities. Our basket and fixture manufacturing capabilities include metal fabrication, plastic fabrication, CNC routing and assembly. Metal baskets may also be plastisol coated.

Coating, stripping, repair, and re-work services

  • Plastisol coating in-house for quality control
  • Stripping paint and powder accumulation from paint line hangers
  • Stripping plastisol coating from plating racks for repair or recoating
  • Stripping powder or paint from production parts for re-work
  • Stripping and sandblasting machine parts for repair or repainting
  • Rebuilding worn fixtures
  • Repairing damaged fixtures
  • Re-working or redesigning fixtures for product changes
  • Repairing or replacing worn or damaged plastisol coating

Racks, baskets, and fixtures designed and fabricated for